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Spotsylvania Soo Bahk Do

Dan Pages

Ko Dan Ja 
Senior Dan holder (4th Dan and up)
Sa Dan  (4th Dan)


Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 27599
Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger has been training in Soo Bahk Do for over 25 years. From  1983 -1984 Master Min Ho Cho Woodbridge Va 1985-1989, she trained with Master Russell Colston, a 7th Degree Master, and From 1989-1995, she trained under Master Alvin Fisher, a 4th Dan  in Fredericksburg, Va. From 1996 to the present, she trains under Master Colston 7th Dan  in Dale City, Va

Master Elder-Hauger achieved her Cho Dan in 1987, her E Dan in 1989, her Sam Dan in 1996, and her Sa Dan (Master) in 2001. She also received her Sa Bom Nim (Master certified Instructor Degree  in the U.S Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation ) in 2001.
I give all Glory and honor to Jesus Christ my Master and Savior. I praise him for the great things he has done." We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us!!"

You Dan Ja
Dan holder, (1st Dan through 3rd Dan)

Sam Dan   (3rd Dan)

Kyo Sa Ray Houpt 
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 40049 
Kyo Sa Ray Houpt has been training in Soo Bahk Do since 1995 with Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger. He received his Cho Dan on May 8, 2001; his E Dan on February 5, 2004; his Kyo Sa certification April 30, 2006, and his Sam Dan on Febrary 09, 2008.

Kyo Sa Houpt began martial arts training in 1981, studying Kung Fu, under Master Min Ho Cho. In 1982, he moved on to study Isshin-Ryu Karate Do for two years. From 1985 to 1987, he trained in Wei Chi Ryu (Chinese Temple Fighting) and Kenpo.

"It was actually watching my sons, Jared and David, practice Soo Bahk Do that made me decide to study here. I am happy for that decision to study the Moo Duk Kwan and enjoy practicing the art and being a part of the organization."

E Dan   (2nd Dan)


Kyle Taft
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 40050
Mr. Kyle Taft has been training in Soo Bahk Do since 1995 with Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger. He received his Cho Dan on May 8, 2001 and his E Dan on February 5, 2004, along with Mr. Houpt. He continued his training for as long as possible, but it has since been interrupted by college (Johnson Bible College, Knoxville, TN). He plans on continuing his training whenever he has the opportunity.

"I started my martial arts training in other styles around the Fredericksburg area, along with a close friend, at the encouragement of our parents. But none of these styles offered what we were looking for, so we turned to Soo Bahk Do."

"Over the years, the structure and discipline of the Soo Bahk Do style along side its emphasis on family and Oneness, have allowed me to want to stick with it long past how far I thought I could go. I have developed an amazing family and wonderful friends who have trained with me and supported me throughout my experience, and for whom I am so thankful, and look forward to continuing my training with them, as I still have much to learn


Jo Kyo Cindy Carlyle
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 44024

Jo Kyo Carlyle has been training with Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger since January, 2002. She received her Cho Dan in October, 2005 and  her E Dan on February 09, 2008.  On October 14, 2008, she received her Jo Kyo or  Assistant Instructor Certification.

"I started going to Soo Bahk Do classes to support my son, Alec (currently Cho Dan). Now I go because I love it. Spotsylvania Soo Bahk Do is my second family. I'm grateful for all the support and guidance I receive from Sa Bom Nim and senior members and I love being able to share my experiences with others. Not only is it a great way to remember all the forms and techniques; teaching truly is the best way to learn and grow as a martial artist."

Cho Dan  (1st Dan)

Kim Morton
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 41138

Ms. Morton began her training under Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger's direction in April 1998 and achieved Cho Dan status in July 2002.

In the fall of 2003, Ms. Morton took a hiatus from Soo Bahk Do, training only sporadically, to further an educational goal. She recently completed that goal and is fiercely training once again.

"After having my children, I no longer felt safe getting them into the car at shopping malls and grocery stores etc. after dark. I decided I needed self-defense. This was the beginning of Soo Bahk Do. It wasn't until I stopped training regularly that I realized what Soo Bahk Do meant to me. I value our art and am very proud to be associated with, and a part of, the Moo Duk Kwan family."


Dave Wassink
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 44315

Mr. Wassink has been training with Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger since July, 2001. He obtained the rank of Cho Dan on April 29, 2006.

"I have long wanted to get into the martial arts but had difficulty finding the time and a convenient school with a good instructor. I was looking for a good activity to do with my sons and found Soo Bahk Do. I found all that in Soo Bahk Do. The principles and teachings are very family friendly and highly supportive of good values. One of my sons has also achieved the rank of Cho Dan and I hope to have another son earn the rank this fall. As a family Soo Bahk Do has brought us closer and given us some common bonds not shared by every family."


Ben Wassink
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 44316


Robert Blader
Moo Duk Kwan Don Bon 44317

Mr. Blader has been training with Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger since January, 2002. He obtained the rank of Cho Dan on April 29, 2006.

"I was introduced to Soo Bahk Do when I enrolled my son (currently Cho Dan) in Soo Bahk do in Oct 2001. After observing my son in class, I decided to train as well. It has turned out to be a great family activity. Additionally, the stretching and exercise have helped keep me out of the chiropractor's office. I've also enjoyed the supporting and encouraging environment that Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger creates in her studio. I've also had the opportunity to train at other Soo Bahk Do studios (in Boston and Lomita Park California) when on travel for work. The Moo Duk Kwan Federation and other instructors have created a network of studios and a standardization of curriculum that enable anyone to participate in a class in any studio at any time and feel welcome."


Adia Jacobs
Moo Duk Kwan Don Bon 45067

Ms. Jacobs tested for her Cho Dan in May of 2007.  She received her promotion  August 31, 2007. 
"I began Soo Bahk Do when I was thirteen. I stayed with it for about four years then I fizzled out. Seven years later I recalled a valuable lesson: "Always finish what you start."

I was a red belt when I left; of course I wanted to make it to Cho Dan! So I started taking classes at the YMCA. Coming back was daunting at first. I was afraid that I had forgotten everything. Some of it was like riding a bike while other things were more like Algebra.  But with endurance and a good attitude, God made it all possible. It's never too late. SOO BAHK!"


Alec Carlyle
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 45070

Mr. Carlyle tested for his rank of Cho Dan in May of 2007. He received his promotion August 31, 2007.

"When I was six years old, I became very interested in Martial Arts. I started taking Tae Kwon Do classes in Quincy, Illinois. When my family moved to Virginia, we started looking for a new karate school. We looked at several schools before finding Spotsylvania Soo Bahk Do. I started training and really enjoyed it. The style is very unique. And, since all the Soo Bahk Do schools teach the same techniques, you can go anywhere in the world and train. The best part, though, is my instructor, Sa Bom Nim Elder-Hauger. Without her love and support, I might still be looking for other styles of karate to take. I am very proud to be a part of the Moo Duk Kwan Family."


Dan Blader
Moo Duk Kwan Dan Bon 45328

Mr. Blader tested for his Cho Dan on October 27, 2007 and received his promotion on December 8, 2007.

"Why do I like Soo Bahk Do? The reason that I stuck with Soo Bahk Do is largely because as soon I finished my first class, I was hooked. And, once I earned my Cho Dan, it drove me to work harder and harder. It has taught me to always stick with every thing I start.  It has also helped me in school by learning to stay on task and get projects done and not trying to finish them the night before they are due. And that’s the reason that I’ve stuck with Soo Bahk Do."


Ed Harrison E Dan


Mitchell Harrison E Dan


Brion Harrison E Dan


Mariah Harrison Cho Dan


William Sharp E Dan


Coming Soon!


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